Andrey Beryukhov
Android developer, Design
Nikita Tsyrlin
CEO, Full-stack developer, Money
Evgeniy Urnyshev
Python developer, SMM
Alexander Smilyanskiy
Frontend developer, Design
Anastasiya Repina
Android developer, Team mascot


Django RESTful API
Web app
Angular + Bootstrap
Android app
GitHub, Jira, Travis CI, Slack


June 2016


This project has been produced on the «Urban hackathon» by 2GIS for two days.
Unfortunately, we didn't win anything, but it gave us an idea to begin a real project, connected with city quests.


It could be like a marketplace for city quests, where everyone can invent and publish quest (and earn money). Users would have a great opportunity to better know the city where they are.

What we've done

  • Web application for both desktop and mobile devices with minimum functionality
  • We used geolocation check and 2GIS map API
  • User was able to try our test quest
  • Python Django REST API, parts of which were working in our product
  • Bought and confugured web-domain and SSL certificate (for security + for using geolocation API in browsers)

What was next?

July 2016

During the July 2016 we prepared next version of service with Android application, web interface (fully renewed in October) and more API functions.

At the same time we were in search of users and partners. We launched the landing page and started SMM campaign.   VK   Instagram


August 2016

On August 1 we launched the service with Android application and web interface for users.

The launch was accompanied by posts in social networks.

It was with old version of design: logo and colours; and just one quest, which was available for free.

Android application was published in Google Play Store

Users, who subscribed on launch notification on landing page, received customized emails.

First results & reaction

September 2016

After launch we realised, that we don't have such users acquisition, as we wanted.

To resolve this problem we started to prepare new release with some error fixes.

We reinvented our logo and colour guidelines.

And also we made new quest.

New design

October 2016

In October we presented new design:

  • New logo
  • New colours
  • New layout for website


October 2016

CEO agreed with the Czechs about cooperation: localisation and launch of Quest-City for Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Mirror on


June-October 2016

The End

June 2017
Domain and android app were disabled.
We got a lot of experience and tested The Team.

Project is in archive.